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PstExporter for Mac
PstExporter for Mac

Easy to use

PstExporter is a very easy to use Mac application that exports messages, contacts and calendars from Outlook PST files to your Mac. It works with multiple mail programs.

If you continue to use Outlook on a PC and your pst files are updated frequently, you may want to avoid having to export every time the pst files change. In that case, check out other product PST Bridge

Export messages to .mbox format
All messages found in your pst files will be exported to the .mbox format without altering your original files.
Transfer Contacts to Address Book
Contacts found in the pst files are exported as vCard files (.vcf). By opening them with Finder, they are automatically imported by the system's Address Book
Import appointments into iCal
PstExporter will create appointments found in your pst files directly into Mac OS X's calendar application (iCal). You will be able to filter events by date, type and category.
Import files into Apple Mail
The .mbox files generated by PstExporter, can be easily imported by Apple Mail and other mail programs. Check the step-by-step guide in PstExporter manual, at the support page.
Bypass password protection
Bypass password protection built into pst files. PstExporter can read files even if you lost their password.
Batch processing
Select any number of pst files and PstExporter will process them one after the other, without user intervention.
No need for additional software
PstExporter runs exclusively on Mac, it does not require having Windows and/or Microsoft Outlook installed.
Compatible with all Windows Outlook versions
PstExporter is able to read files generated pre and post Microsoft Outlook 2003. It means it can handle ANSI (16-bit) and Unicode (32-bit) versions of the pst file.
Compatible with all versions of OS X, from Leopard to Mavericks.
PstExporter is compiled to run smoothly with Leopard (10.5.7), Snow Leopard (10.6) Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks (OS X >= 10.9)