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Tips: Pst Mail for iPad
Pst Mail is a Universal application, which means it can run natively on the iPhone and the iPad. This page contains screenshots and tips, depicting the app as it looks when executed on the iPad device. If you would like to see an iPhone version of this page, please click here.
Transferring Outlook pst files to your iPad
When you first run Pst Mail in your iPad, there will be no pst files available yet:
  1. Open iTunes and select your iPad device
  2. On the top bar, select the "Apps" tab
  3. Scroll down to File Sharing and select Pst Mail
  1. Click "add" and upload as many pst files as you wish
Browsing messages
  1. When upload is finished, if you open Pst Mail a list of pst files will be displayed:
  1. Select any file and start navigating through the file folders. Tap on any message to read its contents
Other tips
  • Use the "clip" button to get a list of the attachments in the message. If file type is supported, you can tap on it for view.
  • To get a list of recipients and the exact date and time of the message, tap on the "at sign" button.
  • If you tap on the sender or any recipient, the application will try to match with an existing contact in your address book. If that is not possible, you will have the option to create it.
  • If you are using the iPad in portrait orientation, use the "Folder" button to get the list of messages and folders
  • Use the search option (magnifying glass button), to filter messages and folders
  • Use the "arrow" button to reply or forward the message. Note that the reply option works only when the sender has an internet address (i.e., name@domain).
  • If an email address is not available, it maybe because the pst file was from an Exchange user account. If so, some addresses maybe stored in Exchange format, instead of Internet style. To work around that problem, you can optionally scan the files to match addresses from exchange to smtp format. The process will create a separate index file that will be transparently used when the email information is missing from the message. The first time you open a pst file you are given the option to create the index. If you skip it, you can do it later by doing a long tap over the pst file of interest.
  • Open attachments with other apps in your device. Use the "Open In" button in the attachment preview screen.
  • Delete pst files by swiping over it.
  • New option to copy pst files to Pst Mail from other apps that support "Open In". Note: for big pst files, most apps will not show any progress and may seem that nothing is happening, but the pst will be copied and Pst Mail will show it once the copy is finished.