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Pst Mail for iPhone
Pst Mail for iPhone/iPod touch
Lite Version

Full Version
Pst Mail is a simple app that will bring Outlook offline folders to your iPad or iPhone, making their email messages immediately available.
No conversion needed
Simply upload pst files to your device using iTunes and they will be immediately available to Pst Mail. No conversion process is needed.
Easy to use
For a smooth experience, Pst Mail implements a user interface similar to the one of the built-in Mail app.
Save bandwidth and money on your data plan
You can save money with Pst Mail, as messages are stored in your iPad or iPhone. You do not need a connection to your email server in order to read your stored messages.
Easily find emails
With the advanced search option, you may easily locate messages by looking in its sender, recipients, subject attachment file name or message body. Results may also be restricted to a date range and optionally include results from subfolders.

Reply and Forward messages
With Pst Mail you will also be able to forward or reply to messages stored in the pst files.
Compatible with all Windows Outlook versions
Pst Mail is able to read files generated pre and post Microsoft Outlook 2003. It means it can handle ANSI (16-bit) and Unicode (32-bit) versions of the pst file.
Compatible with all devices
Pst Mail runs with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. When running on the iPad, it will take advantage of the larger screen size.
Available on the App Store
Pst Mail is available for purchase exclusively on the App Store, follow the links on this website to get it.

iOS Requirements

Pst Mail runs with iOS 4.3 or later.

More information
For more information, please visit this page