FAQ: PST Bridge

Should I download from your website, or from the Mac App Store?

There are some differences between both binaries. The following information will help you decide which one to install.

There are two versions of the application: PST Bridge, which is distributed from the Mac App Store and PST Bridge Pro, which is downloadable from our website. Both provide the same functionality.

New releases of our application are immediately available on our website, however, due to Apple’s review process, they may take weeks to hit the Mac App Store. Applications installed from the Mac App Store cannot be upgraded with the versions available on our website.

For this reason, and in the unlikely event that a user experiments a problem with PST Bridge, we are able to provide him better support if he purchased from our website. Once the problem is solved, we may immediately email a new binary for the user to try the fix. Such a fast response is not possible with the Mac App Store, since the new binary will have to go through Apple’s review process.

When purchasing from our website, all functionality is unlocked. On the Mac App Store, however, export and visualization features are sold separately as In-App modules.

Is my Mac OS X version compatible?

The latest PST Bridge version is compatible with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher. That includes macOS 13 (Ventura).

For older Macs: If you need to run the application with macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or previous, you may download an older version of PST Bridge (check our downloads page). If you need to run the application with OS X Leopard 10.5, please check our legacy product: PstExporter.

Will PST Bridge run with macOS 13 (Ventura)?

Yes, PST Bridge is compatible with macOS 13 (Ventura).

What programs are compatible with PST Bridge exported data?

Apple Mail
Messages generated by PST Bridge can be imported automatically with Apple Mail.

Microsoft Entourage 2008
Entourage can import all messages created with PST Bridge, but one folder at a time.

Mozilla Thunderbird and Others
Other programs like Mozilla Thunderbird, cannot read PST Bridge files directly, however they can migrate all messages if they are first imported into Apple Mail.

The system's address book can directly import vcf files generated by PST Bridge.

PST Bridge creates appointments directly into Calendar.

PST Bridge creates Outlook tasks directly into Reminders.

Do I need to have Outlook or Windows installed?

No. PST Bridge does not need any additional software.

What versions of Outlook is PST Bridge compatible with?

PST Bridge can read pst files generated with any version of Windows Outlook.

PST Bridge is able to read files generated pre and post Microsoft Outlook 2003 for Windows. It means it can handle both ANSI (16-bit) and Unicode (32-bit) versions of the pst file.

What is the difference between PstExporter and PST Bridge?

PstExporter is our legacy product, which we keep for users that need to convert Outlook pst files on older Macs (OS X 10.5). For other users, we recommend PST Bridge instead, which contains a lot more functionality and it is thoroughly tested against the newest versions of OS X.

What are the limitations in the trial application?

While running in evaluation mode, you will be able to export or visualize only the first 10 items in each folder.

I am trying to purchase a module, but I get an 'Unknown Error'. What should I do?

This is a rare issue. It is most likely a temporary problem on Apple Store servers. Waiting a few minutes and retrying is usually enough. You can try purchasing as many times as you like. Apple will never charge you twice for the same product.

A server problem, however, is not the only reason for such message. These are other possible causes:

  1. The credit card associated to the Apple Id has expired. The Mac App Store, instead of producing a clear messages, simply hangs or produces an unknown error.
  2. The Mac App Store application has the wrong country store selected. It must match the credit card's billing address country. To solve this, exit PST Bridge. Go to the Mac App Store application, select the correct country (at the bottom of the page) and retry the operation.
  3. Even if country was correct, re-selecting it may help solve the problem.
  4. Sometimes the Mac App Store just gets confused. Exit PST Bridge. Open the Mac App Store application, sign-out and sign-in again (Option available on the Store menu of the application).
  5. Your billing information is either inaccurate, incomplete or unverified in the current Mac. Open the Mac App Store and access "My Account". Make sure billing information is correct and verified.

If you are unable to solve it with the actions recommended in this page, please send us an email to support@arrowbit.com.